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Two Sweet Bell Peppers

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September is the harvest month for all my chilies, the hot, as well as all the sweet bell peppers. These two head attractions I have in today’s post are a bit different from all the other peppers I have. One is an heirloom from Hungary and that is the ‘Ferenc Tender’ and the other is a rather new sort, it is just forty+something, introduced by the University of New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station in 1965, it is called Sweet Chocolate. (aka Choco)

What differs them from the rest of my peppers in my potager is the colouring. ‘Ferenc Tender’ is pale yellow at first and then it turns red when it matures and that is rather unusual, not that it gets red but the pale yellow. The ‘Sweet Chocolate’ has, as the name indicates, a chocolaty brown skin. Inside this bell the flesh is almost pinkish, brick-red.  

Side-dishes with mixed chilies -sweet and hot

We had a small “Bell-Pepper-Tasting” last weekend and that was fun. Four people, four peppers with four different colours. The peppers were Shepards Rams Horn, Sweet Chocolate, Ferenc Tender and Chervena Chushka. We all preferred Chervena Chushka, it was the sweetest of them all!  It was a bit unfair towards the other contestants because they were not really mature yet.    

Happy Gardening Folks! / TYRA

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littlekarstar said...

THey look gorgeous. Love chocolate sweet bell peppers!

NanaHood said...

Love your photographs and your blog! Absolutely gorgeous! You are so talented. I do not have a green thumb. Plants beg me not to buy them! Blessings to you from Teresa at

K said...

Your beautiful chili pictures give me a lot of inspiration! I have 21 different varieties of seedlings. I'm hoping to get some hot fruit of my own this year :). In january I bought a professional 120W greenhouse led to give them some extra light in this spring and autumn/wintertime. But A greenhouse - I haven't yet ;)

I wish you a great chili year!