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is about growing matters, focusing on my greenhouse and potager. I grow mainly vegetables, herbs and spices but flowers have their given place too. From seed to table, this is the nursery for my living food, we cook a lot of delicious food and I say a potager is the cook’s best friend. The greenhouse makes it possible to grow essential, colourful, warmth loving fruit and vegetables even in this climate such as tomatoes and chillies. My main blog is Tyras Trädgård/Tyra's Garden. View my profile


'Black Cherry' Tomato - Russian Heirloom

This winner has it all!

'Black Cherry' - Russian Heirloom Tomato

This is the winner!

Of all the tomatoes I have grow in 2010 this is the one I personally like the best. Motivation?

1. I like the size - Small but not to small, one can still slice it.
2. It has this very pretty colour,  it is not very black more a lovely wine/bordeaux colour.
and  last  but the most important...
3.The taste - strong, tangy, sweet taste, just the way I like it!

I started growing this 'Black Cherry' in early spring, indoors at first in a small pot. Later in May I moved to plant into my greenhouse and gave it a large container to grow strong in. Added some ash and (Dolomite) lime to the soil and later on I gave the plant Biobact ecological fertilizer. In July when it was time for my sailing vacation I took most of the plant outside and let mother nature do most of the watering and it sure did, it rained from weeks. I do cut the leaves back when the plant grow too big leaves and by that let the tomatoes get the nutrition and at this time (July) I stop giving them any more fertilizer, I find that the fruit gets a bit sweeter when I do that.

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Så här skrev jag i KÖKSTRÄDGÅRDEN tidigare i våras när jag hade beställt frö ifrån Baker Creek Seeds

Black Cherry Tomato  

Svart körbärstomat. Det låter som en tomat helt i min smak.Vackra svarta körsbärstomater, ser ut som stora, mörka lila druvor, de har den kraftiga rika smaken som de svarta tomaterna är berömda för. Läcker, vacker och ger bra avkastning. +75 dagar. Kan det bli bättre?

'Black Cherry' blev 2010 års vinnare i min alldeles egna tomattävling.
Otroligt god, fint utseende och fin storlek - en lagom stor munsbit.

 Välkommen in i KÖKSTRÄDGÅRDEN där jag skriver helt på det svenska språket. 

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