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is about growing matters, focusing on my greenhouse and potager. I grow mainly vegetables, herbs and spices but flowers have their given place too. From seed to table, this is the nursery for my living food, we cook a lot of delicious food and I say a potager is the cook’s best friend. The greenhouse makes it possible to grow essential, colourful, warmth loving fruit and vegetables even in this climate such as tomatoes and chillies. My main blog is Tyras Trädgård/Tyra's Garden. View my profile


September morning

September morning. The sun is up and I take a walk in the garden, the lawn is still moist and all the plant are covered with drops of dew. Breath in....breath out, sound like a quote from Karate Kid. :-) I just love the garden and the greenhouse in the mornings it’s so very peaceful. The air is perfectly clear and it’s so quiet.
Coffee in the greenhouse, a true favorite of mine....pick some dry leaves, watering, triming and tie up some plants . Eat a tomato or two...taste some berries, chillies, minikiwies, that's what I call I 'perfect' breakfast.

Geramium, tomatoes, basil, kiwi and chilli peppers still thrives in the greenhouse.
Ja, nu är det september och det är lite stökigt både i växthuset och i trädgården. Tomatplantorna ute ser lite ledsna ut och sjunger på sista versen så de måste tömmas och tas hand om. Just nu skördar jag jättemycket björnbär, det finns hur mycket som helst. Fryser bara in dom i små lådor som jag kan ta fram senare i vinter och njuta av. Har gjort några burkar med björnbärsmarmelad med apelsinskal. mumsfillebaba.

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A Jewel in Gothenburg - Trädgårdsföreningen

Från mitt besök hos Trädgårdsföreningen i Göteborg.
Palmhuset har varit ett populärt besöksmål sedan 1878. På nära 1 000 kvadratmeter hittar du olika exotiska växter, däribland såklart palmer. Beläget i Palmhuset ligger Vattenhuset med bland annat den sensationella jättenäckrosen från Amazonas och olika sorters epifyter som jag verkligen gillar. Hela den avdelningen är så fin tycker jag. Palmhuset har en härlig takhöjd och där Palmhuset är som högst i ”mittskeppet” finns balkonger som man får beträda och får då en fantastisk vy över växterna. Inne i Palmhuset finns det också ett litet trevligt café med inte goda bakverk, så där kan man sitta ner och filosofera.

The Palm house has been a popular destination since 1878. At close to 1000 square meters, you'll find various exotic plants, including palms of course. Located in the Palm house is “Vattenhuset” the Water house, that has the sensational giant Water lily from the Amazon and various kinds of epiphytes that I really do like. This entire part of the house is so fine in my opinion. The Palm house has a great height and where house are highest there are balconies and one is allowed to enter them and get a wonderful view over the building and plants. Inside the Palm house there is also a nice little cafe where you can sit down have a coffee and philosophize.



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Dahlias and Mushrooms - September

Dahlias in Tyra's Garden.

The Autumn slowly make it's entry, we haven't had any frost nights yet but soon I have to dig up all the Dahlias and store them in the garage. I wrote about tips and ideas for sorting out all the seeds you collect and the same tip is applicable for the Dahlias.

Tips and ideas - Put a tag on the plant when they still are in bloom, write down the height, colour and name. It make it dead easy when you shall plant them again next spring.

September, this month can be marvelous with all the lovely mild colours and fresh and almost nippy air. Long walks in the woods looking for the mushrooms, my favorite is the yellow Chanterelle Chantharellus sibarius it's so delicious. Number two on my list must be the Cep Boletus edulis
Tips and ideas - A good thing about the Ceps are that they are perfect to slice up and dry for later use. suitable for cooking all through the winter months... soups, stews and pastas. yummie.
Chanterelle and Cep

Dahlias in the garden

Have an absolutely lovely day and hey... write something


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