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is about growing matters, focusing on my greenhouse and potager. I grow mainly vegetables, herbs and spices but flowers have their given place too. From seed to table, this is the nursery for my living food, we cook a lot of delicious food and I say a potager is the cook’s best friend. The greenhouse makes it possible to grow essential, colourful, warmth loving fruit and vegetables even in this climate such as tomatoes and chillies. My main blog is Tyras Trädgård/Tyra's Garden. View my profile



Harvest times in Tyra's Garden! It is indeed, I do have tomatoes in abundance - Can one get an overdose of tomatoes?

You can never get to many tips and ideas for your tomato harvest, don't you agree - this is a pie I made last weekend and I must say it was delicious.


Standard pie-shell filled with tomatoes, cheese and 4 eggs - that's was all!

 But I think it was especially tasty because I first 'sundried' the tomatoes on a baking tray in the oven for an hour at low heat. It really brings out a sweetness in the tomatoes and of course takes away consiberable amount of the water as well and that I think is good especially for pies and similar dishes. The tomatoes where a mix of all colour and sizes. From the smallest, the pretty red cherry tomato 'Sweet 100' up to a fairly large sized 'Calabash' tomato - the ugly one 
The cheese was a mature and very tasty Danish Danbo cheese with caraway seeds in it.

This is the basket I brought with my on my sailing holiday, A basket full of goodies. It is fun to cook on-board and even more so if you have fresh stuff from the garden to cook with such as onions of all different sorts, lettuces, herbs and tomatoes.

Plum Lemon, Sungold, Czech's Excellent  Yellow and Co.


Now when all the tomatoes are well-ripened and you have tasted them all it is a good time to harvest your seeds for 2011. I gently remove the seeds from the tomato and leave them for a few days in a glas of water, after that I clean them and dry them on baking/oven paper. The seeds then are store in a dry and fairly cool place until february when it's time to start all over again.

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Aubergine - Solanum melongena

I've just harvest my first aubergine for this season and  if I may say I think it it stunning...I feel like a proud mum. I like the flowers too it is kind of pretty don't you agree?

Now I have to decide how to prepare my little darling, usually I slice it up and gratinate it in the over with some lovely parmesan cheese on the top. When it is luke warm I add my home-made italian dressing... oh I can almost taste it now.

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