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June in my Potager Garden

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June in my Potager Garden

At this time of the year the potager is in full bloom. All the different colourful Pansies, Poppies and Allium to mention a few. The harvest has started too, mostly green leaves, herbs and radishes. But very soon I can dig up the first potatoes and pick strawberries and cherries, looking forward to that.

I made a pleasant discovery among the plants in my potager and that is that the unripe seed-capules of the garden cress are delicious and they are pretty too. When you bite into the seed its soft and moist inside and a very peppery strong in the taste. I read somewhere what garden cress is also called 'poor mans pepper' and now I understand why.

Mini I've just thinned out the carrots.
But they actually ended up in a wok later that day.


Potager Pie

A pie with the first greens from the garden, mostly a bunch of weeds actually.  Nettles, gound-elder Aegopodium podagraria, Sweet Cicely Myrrhis odorata and some young shoots from hops Humulus lupulus

In the greenhouse thrives the tomatoes and the peppers but also my Geraniums. I just love this reliable and durable flower, that blooms so grand year after year. No fuss at all!


In a few days we celebrate Midsummer here in Scandenavia and I wish you all a Happy Holiday

Glad midsommar!

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