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Poblano Ancho Gigantea

Tyra wrote this post in the blog The greenhouse in Tyra's Garden if you are not reading it at The greenhouse...this content was stolen without permission.

Poblano, the mexican in my greenhouse.

This Pepper from Mexico Ancho Gigantea, beautiful dark green almost black usually called Poblano. I bought my heirloom seeds at Plants of Distinction (UK), but you can find heirlooms at Rare seeds, Amishland,Cherry Gal… the list is long.

This chili pepper is not at all hot and you can use it for 'filled peppers' when it is green and for salsas when green or later when it has turned into brilliant red. I prefer it raw and to eat it like an apple, the crunching sound of this pepper is....great.

Den här härliga chilipepparen Ancho Gigantea är inte alls het och den har en underbar 'grön' smak, skalet är relativt tunt och det gillar jag. Den går fint att använda till fyllda paprikor men jag tycker det är lite synd att tillaga den. Den 'krunschar' knakar superskönt när man sätter tänderna i den. Så mitt tips är ät den som ett äpple. Poblano kallar de den i Mexico

Have a great day all you wonderful garden bloggers!

Skriv en rad 'vettja'

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Kanak Hagjer said...

I'm a pepper fan and your Mexican poblano looks delicious!!

Gail said...

One of the best chilis for taste! I do love Chili Rellenos!

Anna said...

Hi Tyra

I have also grown this Mexican poblano and I did fill it with good things and then in the oven. Just like "usual" pepper and it tasted really great, with the heath of the pepper!

Have a great day Tyra!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Kanak it is delicious! Even tastes green.

Gail I'm so glad you agree, have to look up Rellenos.

Anna an it's easy to grow as well don't you agree?

Thanks for your comments

Britt-Arnhild said...

Hei Tyra.

Har du varme på i drivhuset ditt hele vinteren?
Det har kommet snø her oppe nå, og hagesesongen er definitivt forbi.

oliviaharis said...

Poblano Ancho Gigantea is dark green, heart-shaped 3x4 inch fruits. Called Poblano when green and Ancho when red and dried. The standard Mexican Variety for sauces and stuffing, distinctive rich flavor without too much heat. 90 days from transplant.
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Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Britt-Arnild Jag har värme i golvet men min make gillar inte elräkningen så jag tar det lite lungt...

Olivia welcome are well informed. :-)

Thank you girls