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Let me indroduce to you Mr President Johnson!

…or perhaps you already know him?

He was actually in Tyra's Garden in May...yeah, I know his LBJ deid in -73 but this one is in fact still alive, barely alive, he is resting in the greenhouse.

I was looking in at Jan’s Always Growing this morning and she wrote about Amaryllises.
In my effort to have more blooming perennials, for the last few years, I have been planting amaryllis bulbs in the garden.

When it suddenly struck me that I haven’t planted any of my Amaryllises that I have so carefully saved, nor I have I bought and planted any new…I just totally forgot. I wonder if I will get any in time for Christmas now?

Here is a favorite among my Amaryllises, President Johnsson.

Mr President Johnson in Tyra's Garden! WOW what an honour Mr. president.

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Gail said...

He's a beauty! Now the original was not, but he was a very interesting and complicated politician.

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous Tyra. I am not acquainted with this amaryllis. I love the white petals edged in red.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Gail he is so delicate and 'clean' looking strange name though I would prefere a name like 'Grace Kelly'...

Katheen it is different isn't it and very pretty.

Thank you girl for your kind comments

Karin A said...

Han är strålande vacker! :) Tack för hälsningen inne hos mig. Jag gillar verkligen adventstiden...tom mer än själva julen tror jag. Ha en skön helg! Kram Karin

Lucy Corrander said...

Definitely more beautiful than its namesake.

Every year, I mean to grow an amarylis. Every year, I forget. But I do like them very much - they are so dramatic!

Thank you, Tyra for becoming a follower of PICTURES JUST PICTURES. Not only am I pleased that you like the photos, having your icon on my blog makes it easier to click through to yours.


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

What a beautiful specimen. Lovely indeed. I too read Jan's entry. Made me want to get out there and hunt down some bulbs!

Naturegirl said...

Tyra equisite!

Sandra Evertson said...

WOW! Beautiful!
Happy and crisp white!

Jan said...

This is a lovely amaryllis. I have some all white ones, but I like the little red edging on this one.

Always Growing