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Oh Happy Day!

Allium cepa, The Greenhouse in Tyra's Garden 2008
Finally the day has come when it's warm enough to begin with the greenhouse and potager. After a cold morning the temperature klimbed up to 10 degrees and that means that I have above 20 in the greenhouse...nice.

Springflowers, herbs, roses and an Artishoke

April in the garden, the potager.

After a hard few days work the potager is clean and tidy and the soil is ready, time for the fun bit planting. I planted some new Lavendula Officinalis plants twelve of them that I found in the store for an irrestistable price, I just had to have them. Then I planted some seeds spinach and Calendula Officinalis in the potager tomorrow it's time for the onions that's going to be fun, I love onions and usually I have about 6 different types Allium Cepa.

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Andrea's Garden said...

Hello, spring is here in Germany as well. I love lavender and I've got an old one that selfseeds, so I haven't had to buy anymore which is great. Greetings from Germany, Andrea

garden girl said...

Tyra, your potager and your greenhouse are so beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing the potager as it grows this spring and summer.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Andrea yes Lavendel is wonderful so pretty and the fragance....
and you can keep the dried flowers during the long winter.

Garden girl thank you for the comment, I'm longing for the green and lush potager too and to taste it!

Anne-Marie S said...

Quel superbe potager ! Tyra, bravo !

Making it lovely (SP) said...

Första gången här inne hos di och vilka fina bilder du visar.

Willow said...

12 Lavenders? They're my favorites! I'm looking forwrd to seeing all your spring and summer plants.

Catherine said...

I too love Lavender Tyra! And love your beautiful greenhouse & potager~think I've mentioned that before..:D Beautiful shots! It's been a while since I last visited, your right, busy time of year in the garden, so much to do!! But I am enjoying my visit, & catching up!
Have a great week Tyra!