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Geranium - You brighten up my day!

I took this picture today the 7th of January, this Geranium plant has been in bloom since June. The Pelagoniums are amazing plants, they brighten up the windowsill, greenhouse or garden and today it brightened up my otherwise quite dull and gray day with its fabolous colorful flowers.

The care of the Geraniums are so easy, they are like us humans.

  1. loves the sunshine
  2. needs a lot of nourishment
  3. loves a drink, but
  4. needs to dry out
  5. needs a winter rest.
I'm in my 'Summerhouse' for a few days and here is the place where a store all my Geraniums during the winter. I keep the temperature quite low here and the Geraniums like that, they are having there winter rest. I'm not very good at keeping the Geraniums for years and years nevertheless I do my best every year, some live and the rest.......after a long stuggle for life dies.
Tänk att en liten planta kan vara så tålig och ge sådan glädje under en så lång tid. Pelargonerna är fantastiska. Jag hoppas verkligen att jag inte tar dö på mina små älsklingar!
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Vero said...

I've never liked them, but they're actually warming up to me. Maybe I'm maturing :-)
Still think they're smelly when you touch them!!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Verinica de är fröjd för ögat. Dofta får man göra på annat, de är ätbara också men även där finns det ju betydligt godare saker att stoppa i munnen än en pelargon. Kram

Willow said...

I've always liked geraniums for just those reasons. Here in the US we have fragrant ones--chocolate, orange, and several others. Do you have those in Sweden?
In Southern California, we keep our geraniums outside all year and they grow large!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Willow, fragrant hm I like that! No I have not seen any of those around. Love to have one, do you known thw name and where to order?

Willow said...

Tyra, I'll look around for the fragrant ones. I've seen them at garden shows and in nurseries.

I gave you a You Make My Day Award on my blog. Your Swedish garden inspires me!

Rima said...

Hello Tyra and pleased to meet you and your wonderful greenhouse :) Thanks for your kind words :)
I am fascinated by where you live and you know my travels may take me and the rest of the Hermitage family to the shores of Sweden at some point :)

Meems said...

Hello Tyra: Summerhouse... sounds so romantical. Geraniums are one of my favorites... I just purchased 10 red ones yesterday for sprucing up some containers in my garden. We grown them year-round here in Florida.

I love your photos!