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Frosty flowers and fruit

I found these absolutely lovely frosty flowers in one of my favorite blogs La Source au Bois. I know it's a little bit 'Christmas' over them but I think one can use frosty sugar flowers all year around and I wanted to show you all the beautiful pictures.

From La Source au Bois Poudrant l'atmosphère de Noël, ils accompagnent délicieusement l'heure du thé. J'aime la fraîcheur des feuilles de menthe sublimée par cette transparence blanche et sucrée qui souligne ainsi l'exquise douceur de certains loukoums. Les pétales givrés des fleurs de saison peuvent orner les tartes qui se parent ainsi d'un masque étonnant rappelant le visage du Printemps d'Arcimboldo. You make these wonderful decorations with fresh dry flowers or fruit, egg white and sugar. The recipe isn't very difficult though my first attempt ended up in the bin. I guess I have to practise a few times....or more.

Frosty Fruits, Figs, Kumquats and Lime fruit aren't they pretty?

Thank you La Source for letting me share these pictures.

Have a nice day to you all/ Tyra

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jodi said...

Very lovely, indeed, Tyra! Thanks for sharing them with us.

Willow said...

Very nice! Cranberries would look like Christmas balls...

Anonymous said...

the dried flowers makes it looks both delicious and oh so pretty.

Vero said...

Looks like they are covered with sugar!


Catherine said...

I love your frosty flowers and fruit...absolutly beautiful Tyra!
I have enjoyed catching up on your blog...enjoyed all the wonderful pictures..the beautiful Geranium in bloom~how wonderful to have such beautiful color now!! I also as always enjoyed all the shots of your stunning greenhouse..inside and out!! Congrats on the "You Make My Day Award!~you make my day special everytime I visit your wonderful blog!
Have a wonderful week, and a wonderful New Year!!

Merja said...

Hittade din sida av en slump, vilken tur jag hade!
Jag har ju fått beundra så många vackra bilder och se dit fina växthus.Ha det gott/Merja

Ewa said...

yes, they look very pretty - I guess one needs to practice in order to master it.
This is real treat in winter months so grey as they only could be at this season :)

guild-rez said...

I have made suger covered flowers quite often.
Sugared flowers keep longer than a fresh flower. Sugared flowers also look delicate and can be used for wedding cakes or other specialty cakes. If edible flowers are sugared they make for a tasty treat, too.
cheers Gisela

Ewa said...

Hello Tyra, I just have given you award for excellence :) please come by to pick it up.

RANA said...

Lovely, lovely pictures!!! :-D

Le Jardin de Vérone said...

Magnifique photos !!!
Blog très sympathique !
Bravo !
Puis je le mettre en lien sur mon blog ?
A Bientot
Magnificent photos!!!
Very nice Blog!
Then I to put him(it) in link on my blog?
Thank you
To Bientot

Anonymous said...

First class , it is looking very sweet.


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