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is about growing matters, focusing on my greenhouse and potager. I grow mainly vegetables, herbs and spices but flowers have their given place too. From seed to table, this is the nursery for my living food, we cook a lot of delicious food and I say a potager is the cook’s best friend. The greenhouse makes it possible to grow essential, colourful, warmth loving fruit and vegetables even in this climate such as tomatoes and chillies. My main blog is Tyras Trädgård/Tyra's Garden. View my profile


Waxing Moon

Lunar planting

or moon planting

A Waxing Moon, in the sign of the
Cancer - this is a good for germination

Cancer a water sign perfect for sowing leafy vegetables like Basil, Tomatoes, Dill, Brussels Sprouts,  Celeriac, Celery,  Kale, Seakale, Lettuce, Rhubarb, Spinach, Cabbages, Swiss Chard, but not the best time to grow fruit giving plants Aubergine, Beans etc. But when it comes to tomatoes then? It is Yes by the Synodic cycle (This is a good time to sow vegetables that produce internal seed bearing fruits. Tomatoes, beans, peas, peppers, chillis, pumpkins, courgettes.) and No by the Biodynamic cycle, well... I've already sown my tomatoes...

another post about Moon planting

Här är ett inlägg på svenska i Köksträdgården om att plantera efter månens faser.

Next full moon is on the 28th of April.

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