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HEAVY STUFF - new Books on my Bedside Table

Garden Books to be enchanted by.

Look at these wonderful books that I presently have got on my bedside table. They are written by Claus Dalby, who is a Danish author. This first one is called ‘Drivhus drömmar’ (Greenhouse dreams) and is written in Danish which I can read with a little imagination, I have lived in the most southern part of Sweden many years ago and that is very close to Denmark so when I learn a bit Danish. The Swedish and Danish languages are quite near each other.
This book is amazing with almost 350 pages filled with goodies for a greenhouse fan like me. The photos are numerous and very beautiful.
Claus Dalby takes us with him to visit various greenhouses, small and large and even enormous ones. Old, stylish or contemporary, just a wonderful mix of greenhouses. We also and that a find especially interesting meet the wonderful people behind the gardens and greenhouses, the owners themselves. Claus also show us the surrounding hedges, small paths and fences around the greenhouses.

The second book is ‘Den levende haven’ (The Living Garden)

This is a more typical garden book about gardening of course, about plants, how to grow them and primarily a very inspiring book perfect for cold and dark winter evenings.

foto: from Klematis

In the beginning of the book you can follow Claus Dalby into his garden and Oh lala what a garden!

The books are published by Klematis.
Möt förläggaren Claus Dalby photo from Klematis

Hm...I just had to add a picture from my is from last spring.

The only negative things about these books are that when you finally are falling asleep then 350 pages on your face it is heavy stuff!


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Willow said...

I thought you were going to say the bad part was that you wanted to tear down your greenhouse and build a new one!

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hello Linda and welcome, yes I know I would very much like to design and build a new one :-)

Ruben said...

Tyra, du har verkligen bra smak. Iallafall när det gäller 'Den levende have', som tillhör mina favoritböcker. Köpte den i Köpenhamn för några år sedan. Bra text men även fantastiska bilder!! Tack för varningen, men jag tar aldrig med mig boken i sängen! Tur är väl det. (Boken om växthus har jag inte läst). Ha det gott! /Ruben

Annika Christensen said...

Jag älskar dina bilder från din trädgård. Du har väl varit med i någon tidning eller? Var iså fall jag vill se mera mera...

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Annika så kul att du gillar mina bilder, jo det har väl blivit några stycken och en är på gång, men det är inte ICA kuriren eller Leva och Bo :-) tror du de är intresserade?
Ha det gott

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Ruben va kul att du också har den, hur är din danska då? Akta dej för Växthusdrömmar bara men blir helt sjuk så fantastisk är den :-)
mvh Tyra

Lucy said...

I rather like the idea of going into a bookshop in Dorset and ordering a book in Danish. I would look very clever and wise.

Might even do it - I love greenhouses.