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Apples - pruning and juice

Late winter to early spring, now it's time to prune, cut and trim the apple trees, I actually do it twice a year, now and one's during the JAS period (July-Aug.-Sept). The Anthropologists in Sweden recommend the JAS pruning and I think it makes sence. During that period it is often much more dry and the trees recover faster after the pruning. Another plus is that it is a more pleasant time to do it, it's not as cold as it is at this time of the year.
Vinteräpplen/Winter apples, the picture is taken in the month of October.

This is one of my favorite, perfect for pies and other food. Matures in September. Unfortunately I don't know the name, do you know by any chance?

Mogna äpplen färdiga att skörda, är det någon som känner igen vilken sort det är? I så snälla hör av dej! Jag skulle bli jätteglad.

Apple tree "in floribus" at Engarn. Äppelblom så ljuvligt rosa.
It takes 2 kilos of apples to make 1 liter fresh apple juice. This is my favorite brand, from Kivik. Kivik is the "appletown" of Sweden. I served this juice well chilled in beautiful crystal glasses on New Year Eve and all the guest were amazed over the fantastic drink and it was nonalcoholic!

Det går åt 2 kilo äpplen att göra en liter färskpressad äppeljuice, har ni prövat dessa absolut underbar juicerna. Jag bjöd på dem på nyårsafton i små vackra selterglas och det blev en "wowvadärdethärförgott" reaktion bland gästerna. Det var nästan att de ville ha den istället för Champagne på tolvslaget!


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Catherine said...

Beautiful shots Tyra..the first one~what great contrast with the bright red apples against the gorgeous blue sky, and the sparkling white snow on top..wonderful! Those apples look so good! Yum! And the shot of the apple blossoms~chasing my winter blues away! :D

Willow said...

I am always surprised that apple blossoms are pink.

I am not overly fond of apple juicce. Maybe I just haven't tried Kivik!

Marc said...

Wow, those are great photos. Just like Cat said, the contrast on the first picture is amazing! I can't wait to be able to get out in the garden again to take pictures.

I don't think they'll look as good as yours though.