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Tomatoes for the Growing Season 2011

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The starting signal has gone and I’m off! Started with the tomato, chilli pepper, aubergine and artichoke seeds. They do take such a long time and I use to start about now each year.

Many of the tomato varieties I have sown before, but I have a few new ones. Summer Cider – an orange beef tomato, a Brandywine type of tomato. I got the seeds from a friend, thank you Yvonne I’m really looking forward to see how it turn out. Ailsa Craig*Lycopersicon esculentum is another for me new cultivar, a medium sized, juicy and flavoursome, early ripening, heavy crop tomato with impressive vigour. This is what it says on the seed sachet. Red Alert another 'new' tomato – a bush tomato with heavy crop, early ripening and delicious taste. Seeds from Thomson & Morgan. Most of my seeds are heirlooms and if it is possible I always have Eco seeds as my first choice. GMO is a big NONO!

Here are four of my favourites.

All Heirlooms

 'Czech's excellent yellow', 'Henderson's Ponderosa', 'Green Zebra' and last 'Plum lemon'

However the best last season was 'Black Cherry' and 'Stupice'. Black Cherry won in the 'best taste' category and Stupice for best yield. 

What do you think? - I bet it is the rock.

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farfly775 said...

lovely selection of tomatoes. I was quite pleased with Carbon and Brandywine last year. Sungold is always a winner. Have my tomatoes started. It just seems to make the garden when tomatoes can be planted. Really enjoy your blog. Beautiful pictures!

Reader Wil said...

They look great! You have a green house! I have Green Men! And today is pollingday, which means that we have to vote for members of the first Chamber. One of the 13 parties is the Green Party, which works for a healthy environment, better healthcare, no nuclear power plants.
I saw that you wrore in your profile:"Jag står med båda fötterna på jorden"That's what we
Dutch also say: "ik sta met beide voeten op de grond". Have a great Wednesday.

CoirGreen said...

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All the best
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