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A New Year and a New Calendar

This post A New Year and a New Calendar was originally uploaded by Tyra Hallsénius-Lindhe in the blog The Greenhouse in Tyra's Garden

Here we go again...Let's start all over folks!

2011 and another exciting growing season starts. So far I my 'green' hands are still clean I have manage to keep calm. Although I must admit it starting to itch - I want to get dirty!

Today I have gone thru my seed-bank (picture below), organizing and planning for the growing season 2011. Also today, I opened my brand new calendar from Seed Savers Exchange. I am proud to say that I’m a member of SSE, I’m supporting their effort to save the world’s diverse, but endangered, garden heritage for the future generations. I think that 99% of my seeds for Tyra's Garden are heirlooms, I find them so fascinating. And GMO in my garden... is a big NO-NO!

This year’s calendar has such beautiful veggie pictures by David Cavagnaro; first one out is ‘The Potato’.

Collage with D.Cavagnero's wonderful veggie pictures, they are all from the new calendar.

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Madame C said...

Åh, vad härlig den ser ut, kalendern! Jag var själv på vippen att bli medlem i fjol, men av någon anledning blev det inte av. Kanske bör jag ta mig samman i år....

TYRA said...

Det vill jag gärna rekommendera dig Charlotta! Och årets kalender är helt underbar.

Maggie said...

Simply stunning mosaic.
I love to grow vegetables in my potager, oh! to have a greenhouse too!

Gail said...

What a beautiful calendar and the potatoes are gorgeous! Happy New Year Tyra~I hope you can get those hands into the dirt soon! gail

Susan said...

How beautiful!!

bongloboy said...

the calender looks very nice, and I wish you Happy new year. I am also a farmer and I also grow vegetables in my Greenhouses