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Aubergine - Solanum melongena

I've just harvest my first aubergine for this season and  if I may say I think it it stunning...I feel like a proud mum. I like the flowers too it is kind of pretty don't you agree?

Now I have to decide how to prepare my little darling, usually I slice it up and gratinate it in the over with some lovely parmesan cheese on the top. When it is luke warm I add my home-made italian dressing... oh I can almost taste it now.

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joey said...

A beauty ... enjoy, dear Tyra.

Tyra i Vaxholm said...

Thank you dear Joey!

Carol said...

Oh Tyra,
I have missed visiting here... It has been an odd summer for me. So glad to see your magic touch is still alive and well. What a beautiful specimen! I am sure you will make it delicious too. Lovely photos! Kram Carol ;>)

Madame C said...

Åh, så härligt med egen aubergine! Längtar till ett större växthus - då ska jag också prova:) Det vattnas i munnen av dina bilder. Tack för dem,

Tyra i Vaxholm said...

Thank you Carol for your warm words. I wish you a lovely August weekend.

Madame C Vet du mina auberginer står inte i växthuset, jag tycker att de får så mycket löss på sig där. Trevlig Helg!