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A February to Remember

This February will weather-wise go to the history, never ever have I experienced anything like it. This is something I will tell my grand children about when and if I get some. Snowy, cold and windy and where is the sun? Today the sun came out for an hour so I grabbed my camera and went out in the garden. As I entered the greenhouse I noticed that I even have snow in my greenhouse! My large copper water container is totally deep frozen and the glass windows are covered with beautiful roses of ice.
The tulip are from indoors, I just added a splash of colour into the collage. 

This is how my 'header' looks like in February 2010.

I hope that I by the next post here in 'The Greenhouse blog' I have ended my hibernation for this year.



Entangled said...

Gosh, you too? It seems there is no end of the bad weather anywhere this winter. The snow melted just a bit over the past few days here. Hope your snow doesn't linger too much longer!

Alen Trädgård said...

Jo, den kommer med säkerhet gå till historien. Vi har bott här där vi bor nu i 31 år och det har aldrig varit en sådan här lång och kall vinter eller så här mycket snö så långt in i februari. Hoppas att detta snöoväder var det sista för i år:) NU VILL JAG HA VÅR!!!!
Ha det gott/Monne

Chiot's Run said...

We too have had history making weather. I currently have 3 ft of snow blanketing my garden and to think at this time last year I was harvesting my first batch of spinach.

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Tyra, this is the type of winter that I used to have and that I missed this year. We needed to drive 6 hours to Oregon state to see some snow. I hope your plants will survive!

Madame C said...

Underbart kollage! Här har jag valt att trotsa Kung Bore genom att börja anlägga varmbänk. Det är ett projekt med MYCKET osäker utgång... Från säkra källor har jag dock hört att det vänder 15 mars!

Anonymous said...