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Garlic - Allium sativum

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Healthy food in the potager

AUK, did U know that...
Amusing Unnecessery Knowledge:

" Much of the garlic production in the United States is centered on Gilroy, California, which calls itself the 'garlic capital of the world'." I like that, garlic capital of the world.

China produces over 12.000.000 tonnes of garlic, US 222 thousand tonnes and Sweden...well we are not even on the list. I can contribute with 1 kilo or so :-)

This year I planted the garlic together with some houseleeks Sempervivum, just a crazy idea I got, I wonder how this bed will look next summer.

Happy gardening/ TYRA

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Willow said...

Hello Tyra, I know nothing about growing garlic, even though I live in California (drove through stinky Gilroy six months ago). But last week, I was reading a book that discussed growing garlic and I decided that next year I'd try to grow some. Yours looks so appetizing that now I'm convinced I must do it!

Carol said...

Hi There Tyra! I love your photography! You tell such a wonderful story with your collages. So lovely!!! I think it a great idea to plant garlic that way. I love your garlic boss too. I still have to get out and plant mine! Enjoy! Carol

Barbee' said...

Sempervivum and garlic: Hmmmm, now those are strange bedfellows. Interesting idea. Hope we get to see them come next summer :)

Naturegirl said...

Garlic! Nature's natural antibiotic..I am eating lots to promote healing!!

*Ulrike* said...

We do love garlic here! I mean really love garlic as when you open the fridge and smell the garlic from my leftover meal!! Your dirt is so lovely there, I envy you!!! I am going to be raking a lot of leaves this week and putting all of them into my compost bins. Your photos are always so lovely.
Have a wonderful day!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Tyra, garlic is something I rarely use. My Mom was Irish and never cooked with it so I didn't learn to use it either.

Planted a bulb in my garden a couple years ago just to see it growing. Never harvested it and enjoy the blooms each year.

Théa & Linnéa said...

Ska bli spännande att se hur det ser ut i sommar!
Härlig inspiration!

Malar Gandhi said...

Hi Tyra,

Its good to discover your blog'...very adorable pictures.

Garlic is my favourite spice, I can't think of cooking anything without it:)

Catalina said...

Mmmm I love to roast a bulb with olive oil. Then I blend up the cloves with more olive oil. I add this garlic paste to Everything!
Love the idea of hen and chicks (Sempervivum) with garlic! Too cute!