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PICK ME - she says - Rubus idaeus

Pick me! she says...

Yes my yellow raspberry is a she. This Rubus idaeus is called 'Allgold' or sometimes 'Fall gold' I think it is a perfect name for this sumptuous and delicious berry. But you have to pick it fast or she falls easily to the ground. I often just hold my hand underneath the cane and shake it gently.

I must try to put a plant or two in a large bucket and place it into the greenhouse and see how late I can harvest these berries. You can harvest the Rubus idaeus 'Allgold' twice per season first in July and secondly during the autumn months. Isn't that just amazing?

Såhär säjer Herbert om Allgold Risarp.

Remonterande gul sort. Rik avkastning, välsmakande. Lätt Jord, zon I-III. Urval har skett i sorten under en lång följd av år, vilket har medfört en tidigare skörd och en större mängd bär och bärstorlek.
Remontera innebär att man först skördar på sommaren, sedan fortsätter sorten att ge skörd som hösthallon.
Skaka ner Allgold. Då de är guldgula är de fullmogna. Särskilt när kärlet med plantan är inställt i växthus på senhösten, är den bästa skördemetoden.

Ni måste besöka Herbert och Ingeborg på

...and here at last another simply delicious one, 'Lucia' and more about her in Tyras Garden.

Queen of Light

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Michelle said...

Beautiful berries! How nice that they are easy to pick and that you get to harvest twice a year.

Anonymous said...

I didnt know that there are yellow raspberries... they are lovely. Do they taste the same as red ones?

joey said...

How beautiful and mouth-watering, Tyra! I would love to be a little critter and eat the berries you drop!

Jan said...

What wonderful photos! It seems like I could just reach out and pick them.

Always Growing

Carol said...

You are so industrious Tyra! Digging up raspberries in fruit and hauling them to your greenhouse... whew! I am exhausted just thinking of it and my back is screaming... but that fruit looks worth every effort! What a color! What lovely photos. Your blog is absolutely unique and always inspiring. You have my vote! Good Luck! Love the 'Pick Me' ... so perfect! Yes your Rubus does look very feminine. Carol

Mary Delle said...

The berries look delicious. Definitely a she. This is my first visit. I love your greenhouse!! and garden with the rustic fence. The rose bud is charming. I'm just getting a few more now that the heat has abated.

Nell Jean said...

Everything is so beautiful. My favorite photos are views of the inside of greenhouses.

*Ulrike* said...

They look super delicious! I will need to see about getting some for next year. Love your greenhouse.
Have a wonderful day!