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My love for Cabbage

Perhaps it sounds rather strange to say that one love cabbage, but I really do. I think there are some very beautiful varieties of cabbages. Nero di Toscana is certainly a favorite, it is so very good lookin’ though not that tasty unfortunately or perhaps I don’t really know how to cook it properly. Any great recipes? This year I grow Red Express, Portland Briggs and Cabbage Kalibos. The last one is new for me, seeds from Plants of Distinction, this is what they say about Kalibos, - resurrected from the past. Ideal distinct shape and colour for pickling, coleslaw and shredding on salads. The colour remains if steamed and there is very little waste.
Sounds perfect to me. Here I proudly carry out my cabbage seedlings, time to harden off the plants before planting them in my potager.

Cabbage seedlings in a box.

Portland Briggs seedling.

Cabbage Brassica Yin & Yang in Tyra's Garden and Cabbage Soup recipe.

To all of you - Have a happy weekend/ Tyra


Willow said...

For some reason, I don't grow cabbage. Lettuces and tomatoes grow better for me.

Catherine said...

I've never grown cabbage either.. Don't know why, there are some pretty varieties, and you have me curious to try some!!
Have a beautiful weekend in your beautiful greenhouse & garden Tyra!

Gårdsromantik said...

Så många bloggar du har.
Vilket vackert växthus - vore en dröm att ha.

Kram Maud

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cabbage! That is one thing we did not grow this year but perhaps the next...

Naturegirl said...

Tyra how wonderful for me to return to your greenhouse! I have been away in Arizona but Spring in my country lured me back home! I will list you on my links you so I can return often! Thank you for commenting at Nature-Trail and luring me here to your cabbage post! I love the Savoy type the best. I find it a mild cabbabe and love the wrinkly type leaves! Happy Spring to you all the way in Sweden! hugs NG