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is about growing matters, focusing on my greenhouse and potager. I grow mainly vegetables, herbs and spices but flowers have their given place too. From seed to table, this is the nursery for my living food, we cook a lot of delicious food and I say a potager is the cook’s best friend. The greenhouse makes it possible to grow essential, colourful, warmth loving fruit and vegetables even in this climate such as tomatoes and chillies. My main blog is Tyras Trädgård/Tyra's Garden. View my profile



Tyra wrote this post in the blog The greenhouse in Tyra's Garden if you are not reading it at The greenhouse...this content was stolen without permission.


Hot stuff from the greenhouse - Habanero the King of Chilies

My Habanero is from Burkina Faso. If you are interested do read an older post about a potager in Burkina Faso

Chiliguiden Habanero - Kungen av Chili. Habanero tillhör släktet Capsicum chinense som är en av fem chiligrupper. Namnet är lite förvirrande och det finns tre problem med det; Valet av namn på släktet, missbruket av namnet "habanero" samt förvirringen kring alla smeknamn.Släktet Capsicum chinense namngavs 1776 av Nikolaus von Jacquin, en holländsk fysiker som under åren 1754 till 1759 samlade plantor i Karribien åt kejsare Fransis I. Text ifrån Chiliguiden rekommenderar denna sajten om du vill veta mer om chilies!

and then COLD...brr

The greenhouse in November it is really cold in there I haven't got the heating on this husband didn't like last winters electricity bill. :-) Soon ( 30th Nov.) it is Advent and then I will decorate my greenhouse with the typical winter and Advent decorations..

more COLD...
This is how my potager looks right now, it is certainly having a rest.

Can I tempt you with an apple?

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! & en underbar 1:a Advent!


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Ewa said...

Dear Tyra,
somehow I associate hot pepper with red colour. yellow ones are surprising :)
pictures so nice - I see you place strong theft warning - anything happened lately?
We don't have that much snow.

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi and welcome Ewa. Yes unfortunately we have had some trouble lately please read this.
Help someone is stealing our work
Have a look and see if you have been copied! / Tyra

Anonymous said...

I know it is very cold at your garden, but the snow covered greenhouse is so lovely. I can't wait to see photos of it decorated.

Always Growing

Hannu på Langeland said...

November kan se olika ut beroende på var man bor, himla vackert med snö och bakljuset!

TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Jan, thank you of course I will show you.

Hannu välkommen, visst november kan vara pest och pina eller helt OK. Men helst av allt vill jag struka den från almanackan. Nu är det bara ett par dagar kvar till Advent!

Matron said...

I bet those chillis are hot! They look like the West Indian Scotch Bonnet chillis I grew this year. They even made my eyes water way back in January when I handled the dry seeds to plant them in my greehouse!!

Brenda Pruitt said...

Lovely photos. Such a serene setting. Love to visit there!

nilla|utanpunkt said...

Det ser onekligen ut som du kan behöva lite hetta där i snön! (glömde säga om ditt förra inlägg att det var så fint med de udda ljusstakarna på rad!)

S said...


I came across your blog from Thatchwick Cottage. I really like your photos because each one tells an unique story of your garden. I would love to visit Sweden one day and see the scenic landscape which it has to offer.


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Hi Matron they are like the Scotch Bonnet.

Brenda you are so very welcome and thank you for the comment.

Camellia ja jag gillar också att de är alla olika, perfect is boring!

Welcome Sreddy and thank you I'm so glad you like my photos.

Take care / Tyra

Naturegirl said...

Tyra the greenhouse surrounded by snow is gorgeous..perfect Christmas card image! Wishing you a peaceful Advent!hugs NG

Anonymous said...

Your green house looks more like a white house.