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A Small Evaluation

A Small Evaluation of the Tomatoes I had in my garden 2008 and still have actually, Moneymaker is a tough guy.

These are the favourites of all tomatoes the growing season 2008. The seeds were sown indoors on my veranda on the 9th of February and then planted them in the greenhouse in May, they are all container grown in the greenhouse. The outdoor grown where placed in the ground in June after the last frost nights. Seeds from Plants of Distinction

All these I do recommend: Everyday tomato - The Czech’s excellent yellow
Prolific orange yellow tomato with a strong flavour. 3inches round fruit. Extremely productive and will supply you with a steady stream of fruit for weeks on end. Best salad tomato for ages! Cordon. 70-75 days from transplanting.
Beefsteak tomato - Crnkovic
Cocktail tomato - Sweet 100 (red) Ildi (yellow)
Green tomato – Green Zebra

Finally harvest time - started to harvest July and I still harvest MONEYMAKER! Which I think is pretty amazing. The biggest harvest gave PRINCIPE BORGHESE The oldest and best Italian variety for cutting and drying. Retains colour, flavour and reconstitutes easily in olive oil for winter use. Bush. 75 days from transplanting.

Beefsteak Crnkovic

The biggest disappointment were the Glacier tomatoes. I thought that they would be perfect in my part of the world but no, I hardly got any at all, very odd, the name misled me.

Which tomato are your favourite?

Which do you recommend?

I would very much like to here from you :-)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Tyra, your tomatoes are so beautiful, even if they weren't so good to eat! I will have to look for the Czech yellow, I have never seen it available here. Our best tasting, if not largest producing one was Black Krim, also called Black Russian Krim I think. It had a smokey flavor that was unlike any of the others. Best small or patio tomato was Golden Gem, no splitting like the yellow pears do, even with our weird rainfall.


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Frances, thank you for valuable tomato information, I got to have a go with Golden Gem next season then.

Gail said...

I haven't grown vegies in years but may start again! These are beautiful! I tasted a small yellow tomato at a friend's garden that was incredibly sweet. I must find out the name and when I do I will let you know! gail